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Adrian Colussi

Toronto, Canada

Adrian Colussi is a Canadian artist, creator, and filmmaker best known for comedy and thriller/horror. He’s been a senior writer for Newsworld International, CBC, and MTV news programs. He was Story Editor and staff writer on prime time Canadian network sitcoms The Jane Show and ‘da Kink In My Hair. He also wrote and Executive Produced the multi-award winning feature thriller Landmine Goes Click

He just directed and produced a 13 minute demo of original comedy series The Slumlord’s Daughter. His other current series project is the fantasy/thriller Witches v. Warlocks. In addition, he has two feature scripts including thriller/horror Malum: The Other Side Of Exorcism, and thriller Pleasure Flight.

He recently completed BIPOC TV & Film’s Showrunner Program and was honoured to be on the BSO’s Delegation to the Toronto International Film Festival and Content Canada.

He’s also a Juno Award nominated singer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter.

Adrian was delighted to be August ’22 cover model and feature subject of an in-depth piece for iconic fashion and style publication, Fancy Lad*.

You think you’re so smart? How did I pull this off without motion control? Huh, smartypants? Huh? Yeah, that’s right!

*Fancy Lad is a trademark of Ice & Snow Media Inc and may, in fact, be a fictitious publication. Looks pretty good though!